THE ROSICRUCIAN ENLIGHTENMENT REVISITED The Rosicrucian Enlightenment Revisited: A Conference in Honor of Frances Yates. (The Western Mystery Tradition in Bohemia). September 8th-13th, 1995, in the historic town of Cesky Krumlov, Southern Bohemia, (Czech Republic).

Bajo el título del epígrafe se ha llevado a cabo en Cesky Krumlov (República Checa) un simposio dedicado a estas materias con la participación de importantes autores de la Tradición Hermética actual. Su programa ha sido el siguiente. "Plenary Addresses": The Rosicrucian Prelude: John Dee's Mission in Central Europe, Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke; Fire in the Hearth, Temple of Wisdom, House of the Spirit: The Meaning of the Rosy Cross, Christopher Bamford; Magical Gardens & Chambers of Marvels, Joscelyn Godwin; Kabbalah in Bohemia, Z'ev ben Shimon Halevi; The Imagery of Alchemy &Rosicrucianism, Adam McLean; The Grail & the Rose, John Matthews; The Rosicrucian Ideal of Good Work, Robert Sardello; Renewal & Revelation through Number, Harmony & Proportion, John Michell; The Rosicrucian Afterglow: The Life and Influence of Comenius, Clare Goodrick-Clarke; The Rosicrucian Legacy, Christopher McIntosh. "Afternoon Workshops": 'Michel Maier, the deepest of the Rosicrucians', J. Godwin; The Angel of the Western Window, N. G.-Clarke; The Labyrinth of the World & the Paradise of the Hearth, C. G.-Clarke; Rosicrucianism & Alchemy, C. McIntosh; Rosicrucian pretenders at the dawn of the New Age, C. Bamford; Allegory & Symbolism, A. McLean; The Rosicrucian Impulse in Anthroposophy, R. Sardello; Healing the Wounded King, J. Matthews; Symbolic Geometry & the Process of Creation, J. Michell; Kabbalah as a Path to Wisdom, Z. Halevi. "Evening Presentations": Frances Yates & the Poetry of the Divine, Robert Bly; The Folklore of the Rose, R. J. Stewart; An Evening of 16th & 17th Century Czech Music


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