Temenos Academy 14 Gloucester Gate, London NW1 4HG.
Esta entidad ha sido fundada en 1990 por Kathleen Raine. Destacamos de su Programa de Verano para 1996, "Afternoon Seminars. Reading Essential Texts:" Plotinus: Ennead VI - On the kinds of Being, leader: Joseph Milne (24th April-5th June); The Supreme Word, id.: prof. Arabinda Bassu (3rd-31st May). "Lectures and Special Events": Poetry and Magic, Peter Redgrove (14th May); Universal Elements in Musical Cosmology, Peter Westbrook (20th May); Yeats the Initiate, Dr Kathleen Raine (29th May); The Angel in Poetry, Jeremy Reed (3rd June); The Arts - a superstition of our time?, Stephen Cross (4th June).

De su 'Programme for Michelmas Term 1996' (24 septiembre a 10 de diciembre): Being & Cosmos, Joseph Milne; Thomas Taylor the Platonist, dr. Kathleen Raine; Hermeneutics and the Unity of Truth, Todd Mei; Is Nature Alive or Inanimate? Th Organismic versus the Mechanistic Paradigm, Dr. Rupert Sheldrake; Hindu Temples & Gotic Cathedrals: Form & Transformation, Dr. Adam Hardy.


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